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Architectural Facade

Rainscreen Facade Cladding, and Thermal Wall System

Ventilated Facade Systems, Phenolic Resins and through color Fiber Cement wall panels. Waterproof building envelope systems for thermal performance, aesthetics and sustainable construction.

State of the Art Rainscreen applications that emphasize Deflection, Drainage, and Drying. Weather resistant barriers, exterior insulation options and vapor barriers. We also supply the most stringent ASHRAE 90.1 wall systems, with continuous insulation and non thermal bridging applications.

Silane water repellents with 10 and 20 year hydrophobic warranty programs for CMU, brick and cast-in-place.


  • Phenolic laminate panels
  • High Density Fiber cement panels
  • Exterior insulated systems
  • Weather barriers
  • Pressure equalized Rainscreen
  • Polyiso Rigid Insulation (CI)
  • NFPA 285 Insulation Systems
  • Mineral Wool Insulation (CI)
  • Masonry sealants
  • ASHREA 90.1 Continuous insulation
  • Non Thermal Bridging Attachment
  • Insulation and Masonry air barrier fasteners

Interlocking Moduler Cement Panel

Rain Screen Exterior Siding System



MEG panels, high density phenolic laminate Rainscreen.



Fibre Cement Facade Materials