Norex Insulated Metal Panels
Norex Insulated Metal Panels
NOROC® Fire-Rated Rock-Wool Core Panel

Norex Polyiso Insulated Metal Panels

Architectural Panels of Rigid Insulation Formed of Closed-Cell Expanded Foam

Norbec Insulated Metal Panels are an energy-efficient architectural insulated panel. The panel core consists of polyisocyanurate (polyurethane), a rigid insulation in the form of closed-cell expanded foam, offering unparalleled thermal value. Norbec Panels provide a protective barrier against fire and rain and resistance to tearing due to wind due to the exclusive anchoring system. The joint integrates a decompression chamber that prevents water from being drawn inwards, reducing the risk of penetration and humidity.

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) offer multiple advantages such as superior insulation and increased longevity while leaving room for creativity during the design phase.

Norbec Insulated Metal Panels enable increased efficiency on construction sites due to quick installation and multiple assembly configurations. Norbec Insulated Metal Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and are available in a wide variety of profiles, finishes, lengths and widths, for all types of projects. Each joint is factory-formed to ensure a smooth and aesthetic finish.

Norbec panels are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings, food processing plants, and for controlled and refrigerated environments. It is also possible to use these insulated panels for interior partitions or as suspended ceilings.

Norex Panel Features
  • Higher thermal value per inch
  • Superior insulating properties
  • Built-in pressure balanced rain screen
  • Exclusive system for anchoring to the structure
  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Increased wind and tear resistance
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Insulation and finishing: no extra steps

Norex S Joint

NOREX IMP S Joint Panels
NOREX IMP S Joint Panels