OX Polyiso Continuous Insulation Systems

Class A Polyiso Foam for Continuous Exterior Applications Meeting NFPA 285
Class B Foam Alternatives and White Faced Polyiso for Interior Wall and Ceiling Applications

DIVISION 5 OR 7, SPEC 074800 - Continuous Insulation Attachments

Formally Dow Thermax CI, OX corporate acquired the assets of the Illinois Dow Polyiso factory in 2013 and all rights to utilize the Type 1, Class 2 fiberglass core technology. These are the only two fiberglass core Class A foam boards sold in the exterior CI wall market today.

The IsoRed Max rigid polyiso insulation with multiple facer options meets E84 for Class A polyiso applications the sames as all Dow Thermax systems, for 30-year Thermal and 30-year System Warranties. These are the premier CI systems in the US and represent the best technology and warranty.

Energy Efficiency – Easily add R-value and eliminate insulation gaps. Multiple Applications – Use it on interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings and sub-terrain applications. Easy to Install – Light panels go up fast, saving time and money.


High R-values, as much as R-6.5 per inch.

Thicknesses up to 4 inches, and lengths to 30’ (dependent on thickness.)

  • Vapor barrier performance with closed cell foam structure to stop vapor drive for any climate.
  • Fiberglass reinforced foam core for durability on the jobsite and beyond.
  • Optional embossed WHITE thermoset finished aluminum front facer for light reflectance, aesthetics, and durability.

OX IsoRed CI IsoRED CI is a rigid polyiso Class B insulation that can add much needed R-value for residential and light commercial applications. With the ability to be affixed to wood, metal, masonry and concrete, IsoRED CI can be used for practically any job to increase energy efficiency in ceilings, interior walls and exterior walls. Additionally, water-resistant facers provide a first line of defense against moisture intrusion.

OX Finished WhiteFor interior use, Finished White is an incredibly versatile rigid Polyiso insulator, serving as a thermal and vapor barrier for concrete and masonry walls in commercial warehousing walls & parking structure ceilings and residential spaces like basements and garages.