Petrarch Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels

Man-Made Stone Panels from Marble, Natural Aggregates and Ground Flint
Petrarch Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels

Sample Textures in Smooth, Smooth Matte, Riven, Riven Matte

Environmental Durability, High Impact Resistance, Easy Maintenance

Petrarch Reconstituted Marble Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels are a visually stunning façade solution that simulates the color and texture of natural stone, slate, or terracotta. Petrarch reconstituted stone panels are a man-made alternative to stone. Petrarch architectural building panels can be supplied in large format panels. Extreme environmental durability, high impact resistance, and easy maintenance are intrinsic qualities.

  • Petrarch comes in a variety of colors, including specialty colors matched to a paint chip.
  • Panels are available in four finishes and two different thicknesses: Riven Slate, Riven Slate Shot Blast, Smooth, or Smooth shot blast.
  • Petrarch façades are weather-resistant, manufactured to withstand the most severe environmental conditions.
  • Like natural stone, Petrarch will mature over time giving character and depth to any architectural scheme.
  • Panels are incredibly lightweight, saving time and costs on site.
  • Colors and textures match natural stone and complement other materials.
  • Class A fire performance.
  • Exposed fastener or back fastening options.
  • Does not require specialized installation.
  • Proven performance and life expectancy in excess of 30 years
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