QuickPanel® with EasyTrim

QuickPanel® with EasyTrim Façades are a 4mm ACM Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System. The complete QuickPanel® System addresses every element of exterior design and system delivery, providing an integrated, affordable, lightweight, easy-to-install, durable 4mm ACM Rainscreen System.

  • System-wide drainage, circulation, and ventilation are integral to the QuickPanel System’s innovative design.
  • QuickPanel Systems are ultra-durable and backed by a long-term 15 to 30*-year product and performance warranty.
  • QuickPanel panels consist of two sheets of coil coated 3000 series or 5000 series alloy aluminum bonded to a mineral-filled fire-resistant (FR) core.
  • EZ.Lock Trim Technology allows everything to be measured and cut on-site eliminating the need for any off-site fabrication and makes installation fast and easy.
  • Proven performance in harsh weather conditions. QuickPanel Systems withstand (ASTM E330) wind load tests exceeding 99.84 psf.
QuickPanel® Systems