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OX Structural Insulated Sheathing

Eliminate OSB and Save Up To 20%

DIVISION 5 OR 7, SPEC 074800 - Continuous Insulation Attachments

IRC, IBC, and IECC Codes and Standards Compliance

OX-IS and Strong-R are permitted to be used in accordance with the IRC simplified bracing method of IRC Section R602.12 and shall be permitted to be designed in accordance with SDPWS for the design of shear walls using the methods for perforated shear wall methodology, and subject to the SDPWS boundary conditions, except as specifically allowed in Ox’s TER 0804-01. OX-IS® and SI-Strong CS-PF Portal Frame compliance was tested and evaluated for equivalency to the IRC CS-P methods and exceed the capacity of the IRC Method CS- WSP.

OX-IS matches OSB 7/16” shear requirements + material cost, and includes thermal and weather-resistant barriers!

An alternative to OSB or Gypsum, OX-IS will salvage your 2020/2021 budgets, improve your thermal performance and add long-term value to your project for less than the cost of OSB alone.

  • OX-IS matches OSB pricing and provides thermal and WRB and no additional cost.
  • OX-IS structural sheathing ranges from ½ to 1.5”.
  • OX-IS stabilizes your wall cavity temperature and protects your assets with Polyiso foam.
  • OX-IS includes a 30-year R-Value warranty and a moisture-resistant warranty program.
  • OX-IS is 33% less weight than OSB resulting in a faster installation with less manpower.

OX-IS Sheathing for Wood Framed Construction

OX-IS Sheathing
OX-IS Sheathing
OX-IS Sheathing
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