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Modern Materials Rainscreen Panels and Systems
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Provider of Rainscreen Façades, Wall & Concrete Flooring Systems

Modern Materials Home

Faux Wood, Fiber Cement, ACM, Insulated Metal, Porcelain Rainscreen Panels

Modern Materials specializes in multifamily and commercial building projects. Modern Materials provides integrated products for the complete wall assembly to architects, general contractors, and owners. Façades, rainscreen attachment systems, thermal barrier systems, and sound attenuation products that inspire sustainable, intelligent building envelope solutions.

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High-Performance Rainscreen Cladding Systems
SRP Water Resistant Vapor Permeable Membranes
Rainscreen Attachment System
Modern Materials Architectural Facades
SRP Water-Resistant, Vapor Permeable Membranes
Knight Rain Screen Attachment Systems
Mineral Wool Insulation
Sound Attenuation
Masonry Sealants
Owens Corning™ Thermafiber® RainBarrier®
Homasote Sound Attenuation
RainguardPro Water Repellant and Anti-Graffiti Wall Coatings
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