Water Repellant and Anti-Graffiti Wall Coatings

10-Year and 20-Year Warrantable Systems to Protect All Exterior Wall Surfaces

Anti-Graffiti Wall Protection

Anti Graffiti All Coatings

The Rainguard Anti-Graffiti program addresses the requirements of all exterior substrates. Our Silane-Siloxane penetrants are applied based upon porosity and absorption rates for walls made with natural stone, brick, block, cast-in-place, and prestressed concrete. Today, Rainguard also addresses the anti-graffiti needs of metal, EIFS, stucco, wood and painted surfaces with 2K Aliphatic Urethanes. Our science encompasses all exposed building substrates.

Rainguard has sealed porous substrates since 1967, specializing in penetrating graffiti repellents. The Anti-graffiti coatings prevent graffiti from bonding to the underlying surface. They are essential components in securing property against the effects of vandalism. Most importantly, they are supported by 2, 5 and 10-year anti-graffiti warranties.

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Water Repellant Coatings

RainGuardPRO Water Proof Protection

Hybrids solutions of Silane and Siloxane, repel moisture following strict application guidelines and cover rates. We address porosity with aggressive “hydrophobic” treatments.

Our successful applications are well-documented on higher education, institutional facilities, parking decks, retail and bridges decks in the Rocky Mountains and Desert states. Whether resisting absorption of mag chloride, deferring freeze-thaw or protecting structural rebar from corrosion, Rainguard fights to protect exterior and interior surfaces.

The interior use of anti-graffiti for CMU and painted surfaces are growing in the public school, retail and high-density spaces. Easier to clean surfaces prolong useful life and lowers maintenance costs. We provide 5, 10 and 20-year water repellent warranty coverage.

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