CERACLAD Modular Fiber Cement Façades

DIVISION 7, Spec 074243 – Wall Panels

Ceraclad – Proven RainScreen Technology, Ceramic Backed Finish, Unmatched Color Stability

50-Year Product Warranty and 20-Year Colorfast Warranty per ISO 105-A02:1990 Gray Scale and ESR-1627. The best cladding coverage on the market.

The CERACLAD high-performance vented wall cladding system incorporates the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to provide long-term protection against water, wind, sunlight, and changing thermal conditions. The CERACLAD RainScreen Exterior Siding System is a factory-finished, ceramic-coated fiber cement siding system that incorporates proven rainscreen technology. CERACLAD consists of pre-finished siding panels and innovative mounting clips and accessories.

  • 50-Year Material Warranty.
  • 50-Year Limited Warranty and a 20-Year Limited Color Warranty.
  • Superior Thermal Resistance (9x more thermally resistant to heat and cold compared to stucco.)
  • Superior Sound Attenuation – provides better sound attenuation than typical cladding options reducing sound transfer by up to 36db.
  • Base Color – Choose from the CREATIV™ color fan deck with more than 1400 colors and unlimited custom colors.
  • CERACLAD Ceramic Coating provides high resistance to UV rays minimizes degradation and color fading.
  • Reduces, recycles, and reuses pre-consumer and post-consumer materials in the manufacturing process.
  • Made from a minimum of 44% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • Eligible for LEED points for recycled content toward green building design.
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