Arbor Wood Thermally Modified Natural Timber

High quality, performance-driven natural wood heat treated for long-term performance and natural appearance.

Properties of Thermally Modified Timber

  • Dimensional stability is increased, minimal expansion and contraction
  • Enhanced appearance: darker, through-color and more even tone throughout
  • Increased exterior performance: less water absorption and less susceptible to rot
  • Able to be glued, painted, finished
  • Milling and workability similar to standard wood
  • Lightweight
  • Process is chemical free, only heat and steam are used
  • Is a value-added, new application for domestic wood
Arbor Wood Thermally Modified Timber Siding


After the wood has been thermally modified its properties are more stable than standard kiln dried wood. The swelling and shrinking of wood due to moisture variations can be reduced by up to 60%.

  • DECAY RESISTANT: The risk of fungal attack is greatly reduced because thermally modified wood no longer contains sufficient nutrients.
  • INCREASED DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Thermally modified wood is less susceptible to cupping and warping with changes in relative humidity.
  • ENHANCED APPEARANCE: Thermally modified wood will have darker through color tones. Color will vary with cook temperatures and species. Like standard wood, thermally modified wood, if left untreated, will turn a weathered gray color over time.
Arbor Wood Thermally Modified Timber Siding


Arbor Wood Co is a premier choice for sustainably harvested thermally modified timber.

  • DOMESTIC: AWCo is based in Duluth, Minnesota. We work with our domestic partners to offer our clients uncompromised quality in harvest, modification and millwork.
    CHEMICAL FREE: Thermally modified wood is an alternative to exotic woods and standard-treated woods. It attains superior exterior qualities without the use of toxic chemicals.
Arbor Wood Thermally Modified Timber Siding
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